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About Neuromind

WHY       Neuromind exists to understand consumers –  how their mental processes (attention, perception, memory, language etc.) lead to purchasing decisions (or not) and develop strategies for improving purchase decisions.

HOW     Through in-depth knowledge and research  studied over many years of  the neuroscience and physiology of the brain and body as it relates to specific psychological processes and behaviour.

WHAT  Make marketing more effective for marketers through understanding of consumer behaviour.


Together with Annemi Olivier (Founder and Chairman) and Cheryl van der Merwe, we found the Neuromarketing Association of South Africa (NMASA). Neuromarketing guru Erik Du plessis has recently been appointed as Advisory Board Member.  

The promising field of neuromarketing (a.k.a. ‘consumer neuroscience’) is sure to significantly change how we understand consumer behaviour. As only the second South African member of the Neuromarketing Business and Science Association (NMSBA), there is still much awareness to be created about the place for neuromarketing in marketing. 



Neuromarketing Association of South Africa


About Werner van Zyl

Werner Neuromind ProfileI am intrigued about the way we think, feel and act. The idea for Neuromind grew out of a lifelong passion I have for neuroscience and psychology and to see the value it has when applied in practice.

I believe that how consumers think (cognition)  influences how we feel (emotion); how we feel influences how we act (decision-making).


After completing a 4-year B.Comm. (Honours) in Marketing Management at the University of Pretoria, I decided to further my business acumen, and in 2010 I had the privilege to study an M.B.A. through Regent University in the USA which I completed in 2012. Until now, I have been pursuing undergraduate subjects in Psychology at the University of Pretoria.


I,m to the right, with my receding hairline further to the back

I’m to the right, with my receding hairline falling ever more behind









In early August 2013 I was invited to give a presentation of consumer behaviour to 3rd year students of the University of Pretoria [Theme: ‘satisfying customer needs: thinking: fast and slow‘. A link to the subsequent article I wrote on the presentation can be found here








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