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Neuromind Knowledge Base

The NKB consists of content from books/articles that I have read and analysed to solve specific problems e.g. creating consumer habits, motivating consumers/employees, understand consumer decision-making, memory, perception, attention, motivation, persuasion etc. work in various marketing contexts (e.g. retail, websites etc.). There is similar software available on the internet, but none with the ability to sort through the ‘information noise’ so easily.

It consists of tags and categories that allows me to easily sort and content and develop strategies

The NKB was designed with three goals in mind :

1.Turn the wealth of information about consumer behavior insights into knowledge that can be applied to marketing strategy

2. Simplify and expedite the learning about consumer behavior for any employee within an organisation so that they can understand 

3. Build frameworks from this knowledge to use, for example, as a ‘template’ for specific  marketing problems (e.g. pricing strategy, sales strategy, product design). I have developed the MACS framework as a starting point for designing a solution to a marketing problem from the Knowledge Base.


Neuromind Knowledge Base

A preview of the layout of the knowledge base with content and associated tags as well as projects derived from the content (on the left).









With this tool, application of human/consumer behaviour to marketing can increase dramatically.  




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