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Website/app Usability: Imagine walking towards a door in a shopping center. You do not know which way the door opens, but there is a hanproduct website-02dle, so you pull it – only to find that it opens the other way. Imagine you visit a movie website like, but there are no starred reviews, ratings or testimonials from critics. You click on the page logo and nothing happens. You search for the ‘close window’ button, but it is not in the top right hand corner.

These scenarios illustrate website usability – the interaction between humans and machines (i.e. computers). Online behaviour is shaped, in part, by the metaphors we use when engaging with the world (such as a ‘Desktop’ with ‘files’ and ‘folder’) and conventions.

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Packaging Design: By far the biggest percentage of our decisions are subconscious. This is no different when it comes to packaging design. We either li

ke it or not, nut the reason behind these feelings remain hidden. Packaging is no longer a container for content, but an experience that consumers use to evaluate the trust and emotional connection from the product to the brand.







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